Mission Statement

The World Development Agency is an organisation designed to bring about urban regeneration to deprived and poverty stricken areas of developing countries.
We have been here many times before. Lindka Trayers/Kohl is founder of the WDA established whilst in political exile in Mexico taking in the political compass to ensure that we have free water for all, including the Africa regions as a human resource, the planet being two thirds water and all that and institute power lines in Africa.
A political vision to construct social change to the developing world including Russia and the Eastern bloc countries continuing the downfall of didactic regimes. We all play a part of what to wear in our everyday lives. Lindka Trayers/Kohl is the co founder ofThe Elizabeth Kohl clothing empire. Today we raised a voice and a roof for Africa by acting on principle, in faith not fear. We hope that you continue your support of The World Development Agency.

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