Remember last year our campaign 50p buys a pair of trousers and supermarket aid a a piece of fruit and veg helped disadvantaged people all over the african nations and further afield live  more fruitful lives. It saved lives. In your generosity and unwavering support we are slowly building a network of reliance and productivity based on  the good principle of those who cannot help themselves at first will succeeed with our help.

In giving fruit and veg, tinned fruits and veg, milk cartons, juice cartons, water flagons and water bottles, water coolers in which to keep hamburgers and pizza at the supermarket or drop it off at the salvation army, we will then fly it over by cargo or car, boat or even camel to reach those in desperate need of real aid.

We have been building mini marts and larger supermarkets so that eventually this problem will be eradicated and in thus third world poverty and deprivation. Every man is an equal and it is with that principle that the world development agency will strive to make the world a better place.

Anyone who wishes to donate new unused make up items for women to use in Africa pls send to the WDA and we will distribute them throughout the African regions. We also will consider the support of cosmetic manufacturers to supply to African supermarkets.