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Watch "2-5 Bedroom In East Legon- Ghana on YouTube

Just some of the type of housing in Africa that we,ve built along the way with the generous support of the public through social and corporate change. We are more than just the used adage 'affordable housing, we actually believe and commit to regeneration schemes throughout our brave new world in building homes like these, not chain homes but good housing with no mortgage requirements or payments, part of our commitment to the modern world.

These are images of the the conflict ongoing of the african nations. Pls read latest news tab to read the newspaper articles from 5 years ago. We need to see more press reportage of today,s military presence of the UN and allied forces in Africa, before its too late.
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Action stations! One of our fleet of ambulances we fund and equip worldwide, including in our very own UK.
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The mobile shop, a new thing started just last month, set up in Scotland, we now have 60 mobile units across the globe in Africa, Mexico, Russia and India including two vans in Scotland. These mini mobile shops bring food and sundries to the homes of the elderly and disabled.
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We are hoping to revitalise rural areas in the developing world especially Africa, such as the Chad regions by building, maintaining in funding these little mini markets. We work with fairshare in supermarkets in the UK and further afield, transporting produce from France and southern Spain in our fleet of mini vans and trucks. We do this with the support of the public in the hope that one day the sun will shine in your heart! This is where it all started as the WDA, opening small supermarkets in Africa. Way to go people, way to go!

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Our very famous Tijuana Shopping malls. Linda iniated on this concept to build throughout Mexico and further afield across developing nations when on political sojourn in Mexico, whilst sleeping in the doorways of the banks she owned. With the help of the brilliant foreign office she got a loan to buy food from the Tijuana shopping mall where the British consulate was situated and hence my dream was born. Linda also rebuilt Lindavista in the 1970,s as the remit of 'libertidad'.

Walk In Medical Centres

One of our many walk in medical centres worldwide, this one Harare, Africa where we offer free medical services.

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A few images from our fundraising and PR month.
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We have come a long way since 'liveaid' and 'feed the world'.But we have still got a long journey to hoe! Some of these images are recent events of what is still happening in Africa.

We also work in some of the poorer areas of Russia, China, Croatia and Former Yugoslavia, Mexico and the Americas. Most recently we have moved operations into Asia and Malaysia.
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Here are a few examples of our work in Africa and other developing countries.
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