We,re back!
​​​​A few months away and we're back stronger than ever,much in respect due to resilient government policy has our website been down. In perusing this website you may be one who has benefited from the good works of The World Development Agency or been a part of it as a project worker of workingholidays.com,or just interested in what happens on the political scene and it is an interesting fact that when this website is visible on the worldwide Web, then so are many peoples of the world from such rich diverse backgrounds to enjoy a life worth more living. Peace people and prosper, we will be continuing our fight for survival against global government policy building on our dreams, through social and corporate change, Linda's restaurant fund in which the swivel of a pen can open up a whole new world. Trains, boats and planes also help us on the road to freedom and respect. See our new railway lines, coffee shops and cctv on stations and of course our New railway stations globally. We will be iniating our christmas campaign next month with a variety of events planned, Pls help us in your support of The World Development Agency.

Sponsored Swim Form


Free The Debt March
29th June 2013
Meet at every major city townhall 10am

Nelson Mandela Trilogy
Royal festival Hall, London
31st Aug 2016 7.30pm
Her Serene Highness Lindka will be attending the first night performance of her life influenced by song.
Unfortunately due to 'political' ill will, I will not be attending the event as planned.

Press and PR Week
We are planning a week long PR push this week start date 9th Sept 2017 to promote awareness of The WDA and to raise much needed funds to maintain our website and continue our work at the city offices to include webmedia. Pls join us if you can. We are looking for small groups or individuals to host coffee mornings and/or be part of our sponsored swim; we will be also passing around the ubiquitous 'comedy bucket' at comedy clubs across the UK and worldwide and will be finishing off the month with a charity gala ball at The Dorchester Hotel London. We will also have the WDA girls and boys on our high streets up and down the country and across the continents and will be maintaining a presence outside British Parliament at Westminster on the 9th January 2017. So be it, it's fab to be part of such a great venture!

Pls sign up via the contact form and we will return details of sponsorship events.

Her Serene Highness Lindka.
5th January 2017.

N.B No noticeable presence outside of Westminster today due to political pressure brought to bear, but we will be there to get our voice heard some day soon!

Latest Fundraising News
News just in..... A great turn out for our sponsored swim/swimathon with much lira made, much was said of the tide of events surrounding the event in the round up, but it has been to great success that no one was hurt in the proceedings with ongoing crisis in war ravaged and stricken areas of Africa and regions. So well done people a clap on the back for all those who took part and for those who sponsored the many, the kindhearted and generous. It with this energy we survive, dream upon dream, nation upon nation. Once again well done and thank you.
We will be putting the funds raised towards building within the realms of our cities of hope; constructing a vision of pride through heritage and cultural values reflecting in our work of social and corporate change in that with your generosity and hope you have helped a child to live, a family to live a life worth living that we realise in the West; Pizza express, Starbucks, Mini McDonalds,Hometown Buffet and California Juice bars, medical centres, ambulances, universities and Halo type Housing projects are on the agenda to be built by Spring of this year; We will duly keep you informed of the progress and will be working in the areas designated of India, Malaysia, China and Africa also. Group hug everyone!

Africa Time
Just a short note to state we are a bit behind schedule but keeping Africa time! We will be continuing with our Press and PR week throughout the months of Feb and March 2017.
So look out for our WDA girls and boys up and down high streets near you soon. Quick reminder - Pls contact the website or by telephone is you wish to attend the Gala Ball in London this Feb and/or host one of our coffee mornings of the same month, upon which we will send you a fundraising pack with details of how to set up an event near you.

Her Serene Highness Lindka Kohl

Update 27/11/2017
The website is now up and running, peoples of many nations returning to our shores courtesy of this incredibly small website and the BIG work we do around the world. We are in the process of litigation to bring fruit to bear in proposing new laws in the obstruction of terrorism in the third world and of an illegal concept of immigration type prison camps with many working the land, running for food and suffering of the soul. It is an ongoing process our peaceful endeavours to bring a little life back to the world and it is with your support that we can continue to with our projects of peaceful negotiation, 'free' hospitals, orphanage maintenance, upkeep and renewal and obviously our fantastic building works through social and corporate change of housing, cafes, bars and restuarants, independent and brands, shopping malls small and extra large and of course our food runs to Africa through fairshare and Lindka's tenacious light and spirit that never will dim in the flames of fanactism.
Welcome back people.

Christmas giving

We will be promoting our Christmas campaign as per usual this year in shopping malls throughout the UK and in various fundraising activities. Check out this website for an update on fundraising packs to raise awareness and funds to keep us all safe and warm this Christmas with a little Christmas cheer.

Her Serene Highness Lindka